• 4 week

    Although it took us a little bit longer than as usual, we’re back 🙂 The puppies grow incredibly rapidly, and they have also already opened their eyes fully, and, consequently, started to explore the house with more courage. Which can be seen on one of the videos on Facebook’s profile. What’s more, puppies already fearlessly visit the doorway, the kitchen, bathroom, and even the toilet 🙂 We have been introducing new dog food that’s suitable for their age – in the liquid-ish form – for a few days now. Gale was exceptionally glad about that 🙂
    The fourth week is also the time when we continue with the labyrinthitis and diaphragm exercises so we can eliminate the problem of motion sickness appearing in some near future. Also, fourth week’s the time of socialization and environmental enrichment, which we all impatiently awaited. Little guys are just amazed with their new playground, which is as long as the whole hallway, which is by the way to- be- lengthened in the near future 🙂
    The world is becoming more and more interesting and appealing for the puppies, and our task is to show it to them in a safe way, by allowing them to freely explore under our supervision.
    See you soon 🙂