• 5 week

    How’s it been going in our little Australian Labradoodles kindergarten? Well, the socialization and environmental enrichment processes have been continuously taking place ever since I wrote to you. We invite guests over. We got visited by our neighbors, cousins, aunts, grandmothers etc.
    We’ve got  so-called hat days, coat days, bathrobe days. we try to disguise ourselves for the puppies on a daily basis. We have also
    introduced Shantal’s massage. We massage each puppy individually. There are many advantages to the Shantal’s massage, for instance: it boosts their metabolism, normalizes the excretion of their digestive juices, increases the blood flow, has a positive impact on their internal organs and helps them to relax. However, more importantly, the dogs can learn an ability to consciously relax themselves. We watch the puppies very closely on a daily basis so we can know as much as possible about every one of them. This knowledge, alongside the temperament tests, will help us with the selection process (which puppy fits to which family).
    The puppies get to know some different surfaces where they can run and play with each other – namely: a rubber floor-covering, the wood, tiles, cardboard, bubble packs, polyamide tunnel, and a Kenell metal mat. The little guys also had the chance to familiarize themselves with the Kenell bench and they enjoyed it. We are trying to get them used to the Kenell bench, so they start to treat it as something natural, because the bench itself can be very helpful when it comes to potty training. The bench also comes in handy, when we teach them how stay at a safe place and remain still, or how not to track you, or when we try to prevent their separation fears from occurring. It’s a place where they can relax and calm down. The puppies have also been already dewormed twice. Everything’s fine, no aliens present 🙂 About the meals – the little guys eat twice a day, that is the moment when they wake up they drink their mother’s milk, and then they got their little run to the bathroom for their eucanuba. Gala have recently given Donnan (the dad) and Codi (the aunt) permission to spend more time with the puppies.

    To be continued soon 🙂