• 6 week

    Hello there !!!
    Let me just wrap everything up 🙂
    Our kennel has not long been that lively. The little guys are in constant motion and it’s already just a matter of days before we let them explore the backyard, but also some other interesting places, like parks, a stud farm, an airport, a lake, some beaches etc. The socialization and environmental enrichment processes are still on.. Last week was filled with interesting meetings, we had visitors from London, Finland, Warsaw and also from around our neighbourhood – the puppies were thrilled and, of course, beg for more. On Monday we had them vaccinated (Nobivac PUPPY DR vaccine). The puppies were also chipped – but they showed great courage. Now we just have to wait for a few days so we can safely begin the outdoor explorations.
    Today our little guys received a little gift – namely a pigskin chew: chewing, biting and licking calms them down and relaxes them because it stimulates happiness hormones in their brains.