• Australian Labradoodle puppies of Gala and Donnan 2014 (1 week)

    Yes,We have good news. On the 7th May 2014 our Gala became a mum. The 58th day of Gala’s pregnancy  has been calm and nothing shows that surprises” will come – that is – puppies 🙂 Everything was prepared. Gala  is still calm. A drop in Gala’s  temperature of the body was the only sign of puppies coming to world. It showed that the puppies birth would come within 12-24 hours – and it happened. About 19.20 – the first puppy was appeared. Together with his mum, he performed the hard work paving the way for his siblings. We gave him the orange ribbon and we must admire, we are very proud of him. She is wonderful mum: protective,
    caring and „full of milk”;) Gala and Donnan are glad of their offspring.
    The happy family appeared in full force.

    Everyday inspection of the weight of small puppies is begun:) Gala is our „milk land”, therefore puppies are  grow very fast. Puppies’ lovely activity is eating and sleeping. That is why, they are calm and grow healthy. Despite of it, we weigh them regularly. We want to have a certainty that all puppies are gain on weight. It is very important because it testify of good quality of the  mum’s food. As you know, during 7-10th the puppies should double their weight of birth- that is why we weigh them every day:)

    The puppies are healthy and strong.Gala is a wonderful and caring mum.

    We also started the early neurological stimulation programme

    From day 3, we implemented it and we use it every day, once a day until day 16. We began from changing positions, tickling paws, and making them walk on a cold towel. What is the purpose of this? Research shows that this leads to the following benefits: Better circulation, stronger immune system and heart beat, health adrenal glands, and improved reaction to stressful situations.

    For more information on early neurological stimulation, please go to the Socialization of puppies link on the website.