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    6 week

    Hello there !!!
    Let me just wrap everything up 🙂
    Our kennel has not long been that lively. The little guys are in constant motion and it’s already just a matter of days before we let them explore the backyard, but also some other interesting places, like parks, a stud farm, an airport, a lake, some beaches etc. The socialization and environmental enrichment processes are still on.. Last week was filled with interesting meetings, we had visitors from London, Finland, Warsaw and also from around our neighbourhood – the puppies were thrilled and, of course, beg for more. On Monday we had them vaccinated (Nobivac PUPPY DR vaccine). The puppies were also chipped – but they showed great courage. Now we just have to wait for a few days so we can safely begin the outdoor explorations.
    Today our little guys received a little gift – namely a pigskin chew: chewing, biting and licking calms them down and relaxes them because it stimulates happiness hormones in their brains.

    5 week

    How’s it been going in our little Australian Labradoodles kindergarten? Well, the socialization and environmental enrichment processes have been continuously taking place ever since I wrote to you. We invite guests over. We got visited by our neighbors, cousins, aunts, grandmothers etc.
    We’ve got  so-called hat days, coat days, bathrobe days. we try to disguise ourselves for the puppies on a daily basis. We have also
    introduced Shantal’s massage. We massage each puppy individually. There are many advantages to the Shantal’s massage, for instance: it boosts their metabolism, normalizes the excretion of their digestive juices, increases the blood flow, has a positive impact on their internal organs and helps them to relax. However, more importantly, the dogs can learn an ability to consciously relax themselves. We watch the puppies very closely on a daily basis so we can know as much as possible about every one of them. This knowledge, alongside the temperament tests, will help us with the selection process (which puppy fits to which family).
    The puppies get to know some different surfaces where they can run and play with each other – namely: a rubber floor-covering, the wood, tiles, cardboard, bubble packs, polyamide tunnel, and a Kenell metal mat. The little guys also had the chance to familiarize themselves with the Kenell bench and they enjoyed it. We are trying to get them used to the Kenell bench, so they start to treat it as something natural, because the bench itself can be very helpful when it comes to potty training. The bench also comes in handy, when we teach them how stay at a safe place and remain still, or how not to track you, or when we try to prevent their separation fears from occurring. It’s a place where they can relax and calm down. The puppies have also been already dewormed twice. Everything’s fine, no aliens present 🙂 About the meals – the little guys eat twice a day, that is the moment when they wake up they drink their mother’s milk, and then they got their little run to the bathroom for their eucanuba. Gala have recently given Donnan (the dad) and Codi (the aunt) permission to spend more time with the puppies.

    To be continued soon 🙂

    4 week

    Although it took us a little bit longer than as usual, we’re back 🙂 The puppies grow incredibly rapidly, and they have also already opened their eyes fully, and, consequently, started to explore the house with more courage. Which can be seen on one of the videos on Facebook’s profile. What’s more, puppies already fearlessly visit the doorway, the kitchen, bathroom, and even the toilet 🙂 We have been introducing new dog food that’s suitable for their age – in the liquid-ish form – for a few days now. Gale was exceptionally glad about that 🙂
    The fourth week is also the time when we continue with the labyrinthitis and diaphragm exercises so we can eliminate the problem of motion sickness appearing in some near future. Also, fourth week’s the time of socialization and environmental enrichment, which we all impatiently awaited. Little guys are just amazed with their new playground, which is as long as the whole hallway, which is by the way to- be- lengthened in the near future 🙂
    The world is becoming more and more interesting and appealing for the puppies, and our task is to show it to them in a safe way, by allowing them to freely explore under our supervision.
    See you soon 🙂

    The puppies are 3 weeks old !!!

    The little doodles’ third week has been started with introducing new exercises – exercises of the diaphragm. Thanks to them the dogs will not suffer from motion sickness in the future. The diaphragm exercises should be done in the third week of puppies’ life because this is the only time when their work give long-lasting effects. Making the exercises earlier or later would not allow us to reach intended results.

    The puppies are already growing out of the stage of clumsy infants and they are starting transitional period. Their appearance and behavior resembles the dog in a mini size 🙂

    We are also through our first manicure 🙂 We have cut 180 nails. Gala also changed her look 🙂 She changed her haircut from ‚long and elegant’ to ‚short and sporty’, which seems to be more suitable in such a group.

    The puppies still open their eyes. They have still a membrane on them and most likely they can only see the light and shapes, thus they use their noses very intensively to gain the food in their mums’ ‚milk-bar’. The dogs are getting familiar with many different smells now which we creep under their noses. Gala also brings the news and smells from the backyard: the broth, mushroom soup, tomato soup are not unknown to them because their sleep and play area is next to the kitchen-dinette.

    THE NEW in topic of „dogs’ wonderful nose”:

    -it is the most important dogs’ sense, it appears as a first and is gone as the last one,

    -the dogs can distinguish over 500 thousand smells, a human being only about 3-5 thousand,

    -the dog has 100-250 million cells of smell, the human being 5-10 million,

    the dogs’ wonderful nose can smell:

    • a man’s body from 1km
    • a female dog in her period from 10km
    • 1g of salt in 10 000l of water
    • the emotional change of the man’s mood on the basis of his sweats’ smell.

    We also introduce the puppies to the sound stimuli, switching on the CD with the prenatal lullabies, the birds’ singing, sound of the sea etc. It all happens very slowly and peacefully, not to scare the puppy and to make the dogs associate these activities with something nice and safe.

    All the visits to the vet has already been established (the next dewormings, vaccinations, chipping, passports etc). The puppies ale all doing well and we cannot wait their ‚socialization’ when they will have an opportunity to explore the world!

    All our actions are based on carefully established plans of socialization, prepared by the behaviorist and the animals’ psychologist, Edyta Gajewska, and we are very thankful for her help.

    To be continued…

    The puppies are 2 weeks old!!!

    Yes, there are two weeks together with the puppies. They weigh close to 800 gram each other, but some of them weigh more than 900 gram. The puppies are more and more stronger and they are trying to make their first moves. You can see it on the facebook  Australian Labradoodle KudłatyCzar „step by step” “step by step”. We can also observed how their temperaments are taking shape. Tomorrow we are going to cut down puppies’ claws because we don’t want to Gala suffer from it.
    Today, the veterinary surgeon visited us. He gave Drontal Junior pasta for puppies in order to brush-off of parasites. Everything is OK, it were doing without stomach revolutions. We must repeat it in next two weeks. Every morning we perform the neurological stimulation.We touch the puppies, stroke, them several times,we also get them accustomed to our touch and smell.
    We can’t hardly wait to their intriguing behaviour and tricks. In our free time we collect different interesting didactic materials to enrich their environment.

    The Little of Gala & Donnan was registered.

    It is all news for now.
    See you soon 🙂

    Australian Labradoodle puppies of Gala and Donnan 2014 (1 week)

    Yes,We have good news. On the 7th May 2014 our Gala became a mum. The 58th day of Gala’s pregnancy  has been calm and nothing shows that surprises” will come – that is – puppies 🙂 Everything was prepared. Gala  is still calm. A drop in Gala’s  temperature of the body was the only sign of puppies coming to world. It showed that the puppies birth would come within 12-24 hours – and it happened. About 19.20 – the first puppy was appeared. Together with his mum, he performed the hard work paving the way for his siblings. We gave him the orange ribbon and we must admire, we are very proud of him. She is wonderful mum: protective,
    caring and „full of milk”;) Gala and Donnan are glad of their offspring.
    The happy family appeared in full force.

    Everyday inspection of the weight of small puppies is begun:) Gala is our „milk land”, therefore puppies are  grow very fast. Puppies’ lovely activity is eating and sleeping. That is why, they are calm and grow healthy. Despite of it, we weigh them regularly. We want to have a certainty that all puppies are gain on weight. It is very important because it testify of good quality of the  mum’s food. As you know, during 7-10th the puppies should double their weight of birth- that is why we weigh them every day:)

    The puppies are healthy and strong.Gala is a wonderful and caring mum.

    We also started the early neurological stimulation programme

    From day 3, we implemented it and we use it every day, once a day until day 16. We began from changing positions, tickling paws, and making them walk on a cold towel. What is the purpose of this? Research shows that this leads to the following benefits: Better circulation, stronger immune system and heart beat, health adrenal glands, and improved reaction to stressful situations.

    For more information on early neurological stimulation, please go to the Socialization of puppies link on the website.

    We now open the waiting list for the Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppies – March 2014

    Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are planned for March 2014.

    The happy parents will be Wlochata Pasja Delicate Gala and Rutlands WH Lil Donnan.

    We are expecting puppies in the following colors: black, chocolate, cream, caramel, apricot, brown factored

    We are expecting puppies in the following sizes: medium and mini.

    Ple­ase see below the pho­tos of the past lit­ter of the couple:

    MOTEK-Polska01 MOTEK-Polska02LUKY-Dubai01 LUKY-Dubai02

    PEPPER-Niemcy02 PEPPER-Niemcy03 PEPPER-Niemcy04ARCO-Holandia03

    RUBI-Polska RUBI-Polska01 RUBI-Polska02ARCO-Holandia01

    Puppy in a new home

    Finally, the moment comes when the long-awaited new puppy arrives in its new home. This is a very exciting moment for the owner, but also a very hard time adapting for the dog. The puppy, suddenly becomes separated from its mother and siblings, taken to a new place unknown to him, to new people, objects, sounds and smells.
    To minimize the effect of adaptation stress, it is advisable to be prepared for his arrival beforehand.


    On the journey home with the puppy, it is advisable to arrange the best private transport to avoid exposing your puppy to a great amount of stress on public transport i.e. train, plain or underground.
    If you are travelling by car, it is best to have one person drive while another person takes care of the dog during the journey. This way you will avoid extra stress caused by stopping of the car. However, if this is not possible then it is advisable to arrange for a transport carrier or cage with a blanket which has been rubbed on puppy’s mother to allow the dog to have a comfortable journey.

    Safety in the home.


    Even before the arrival of the puppy, make sure that the property is safe. You need to look at the house from the dog’s point of view. For example, make sure electrical sockets and wires are properly secured . You should also check and secure all the places where the puppy could get stuck or could fall from such as balconies, windows and stairs. Such preparation will help prevent various stressful and dangerous situations.


    The dog must also be kept under control even when it is away from the owner outside. It is advisable to allow the dog to explore the garden where there are countless things to smell and see. Should the dog have access to the garden be sure to check and secure any holes, wells, remove the chemicals used in gardens, and poisonous plants.
    The puppy should be able to explore their new surroundings freely but still under constant supervision of the owner. Access to inappropriate sites for a dog can be prevented by using similar protection used for children (gates, fences called pens)

    Preparing children

    Children often do not know how to care for a puppy. Therefore, you should prepare and inform them that the dog is not a toy and show them how one can safely play with it.
    Never leave children unsupervised with a dog.
    Immediately after the arrival of the puppy the children should remain calm so as not to scare the dog. It is best to sit down on the floor and not speak to the dog and wait for it to approach them instead. Only then one should consider petting it.

    Preparing the older dog

    Once there is one dog in the house already, it may be difficult for him with the new pup at the beginning. It is encouraged to allow the dogs to meet on neutral ground, not in a house where an adult dog feels safe and secure. Both dogs should be on long, loose links which are firm and under control. It should allow them to sniff and explore each other freely. You should not react violently or pull the older dog if it growls at the pup; under normal circumstances the mature dog will not harm puppies. This is normal communication between dogs, it allows them to set their own rules of behaviour within a group. You have to remember that the older dog needs time to get used to the new situation. Until then, do not leave the dogs together without supervision.


    Den- choosing the place for a dog.

    It is good to think about a place where our quadruped will have their lair from the beginning. Upon arrival the puppy should have a designated place of rest. If the dog chooses the place of rest, we should as far as possible, accept it. This is an extremely important part of the socialization of the dog. It is safe haven and a place of relaxation and rest for the dog. If he gets tired or worried about something or intends to have some peace and quiet, the dog will go to his place, where no one will (and shouldn’t) bother it. If you need to have a quiet time away from the dog you should be able to send him to his den, where he should go without any hesitation. It should not be in a place where the dog will be exposed to drafts, direct heat or permanent isolation from the people. It should still have the opportunity to observe its owners and what is happening in the house. Most dogs like to take shelter in a dimmed and shaded place like under a bench, chair or table, or dog house.
    But bare in mind that once you allow puppy to use your bed of sofa, any changes made thereafter will be difficult and confusing for the dog.


    It is also recommended to immediately establish the dog’s eating place; one bowl for food and one for water. The best containers are made of stainless steel which are easy to clean. They are safe and durable. During teething period, the puppy will chew on anything it can, therefore it is not recommended to use plastic bowls.
    The dog must have constant access to fresh and clean water to drink.
    The choice of food is an important element, because the dog should receive nourishment in accordance to its size, age and its physical activity.



    Basic accessories


    Recommended books

    Code of Conduct

    As a breeder, I have a duty to:

    • maintain and promote the Australian Labrador breed standards (Australian Working Dog) and continue the program initiated by the creator of the breed
    • Tracking the descendants of this species in terms of genetic defects, irregularities and fraud (not allowing dogs to breed with any genetic defects),
    • Give a health guarantee for genetic defects for each puppy
    • pass on healthy, allergy-friendly multi-generational Australian Labrador dogs
    • Promote the program,” foster family”.
    • Treat each pet as an individual
    • To make sure all the puppies are under the care of a vet and are given thought according to the plan of socializing before they come to the new owners,
    • Appropriate selection of the owner of the puppy with a temperament test and the application sent by the family.

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