• Code of Ethics

    Code of Ethics

    As a breeder, I have a duty to:

    • • maintain and promote the Australian Labrador breed standards (Australian Working Dog) and continue the program initiated by the creator of the breed
    • • Tracking the descendants of this species in terms of genetic defects, irregularities and fraud (not allowing dogs to breed with any genetic defects),
    • • Give a health guarantee for genetic defects for each puppy
    • • pass on healthy, allergy-friendly multi-generational Australian Labrador dogs
    • • Promote the program,” foster family”.
    • • Treat each pet as an individual
    • • To make sure all the puppies are under the care of a vet and are given thought according to the plan of socializing before they come to the new owners,
    • • Appropriate selection of the owner of the puppy with a temperament test and the application sent by the family.

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