• The puppies are 2 weeks old!!!

    Yes, there are two weeks together with the puppies. They weigh close to 800 gram each other, but some of them weigh more than 900 gram. The puppies are more and more stronger and they are trying to make their first moves. You can see it on the facebook  Australian Labradoodle KudłatyCzar „step by step” “step by step”. We can also observed how their temperaments are taking shape. Tomorrow we are going to cut down puppies’ claws because we don’t want to Gala suffer from it.
    Today, the veterinary surgeon visited us. He gave Drontal Junior pasta for puppies in order to brush-off of parasites. Everything is OK, it were doing without stomach revolutions. We must repeat it in next two weeks. Every morning we perform the neurological stimulation.We touch the puppies, stroke, them several times,we also get them accustomed to our touch and smell.
    We can’t hardly wait to their intriguing behaviour and tricks. In our free time we collect different interesting didactic materials to enrich their environment.

    The Little of Gala & Donnan was registered.

    It is all news for now.
    See you soon 🙂