• The puppies are 3 weeks old !!!

    The little doodles’ third week has been started with introducing new exercises – exercises of the diaphragm. Thanks to them the dogs will not suffer from motion sickness in the future. The diaphragm exercises should be done in the third week of puppies’ life because this is the only time when their work give long-lasting effects. Making the exercises earlier or later would not allow us to reach intended results.

    The puppies are already growing out of the stage of clumsy infants and they are starting transitional period. Their appearance and behavior resembles the dog in a mini size 🙂

    We are also through our first manicure 🙂 We have cut 180 nails. Gala also changed her look 🙂 She changed her haircut from ‚long and elegant’ to ‚short and sporty’, which seems to be more suitable in such a group.

    The puppies still open their eyes. They have still a membrane on them and most likely they can only see the light and shapes, thus they use their noses very intensively to gain the food in their mums’ ‚milk-bar’. The dogs are getting familiar with many different smells now which we creep under their noses. Gala also brings the news and smells from the backyard: the broth, mushroom soup, tomato soup are not unknown to them because their sleep and play area is next to the kitchen-dinette.

    THE NEW in topic of „dogs’ wonderful nose”:

    -it is the most important dogs’ sense, it appears as a first and is gone as the last one,

    -the dogs can distinguish over 500 thousand smells, a human being only about 3-5 thousand,

    -the dog has 100-250 million cells of smell, the human being 5-10 million,

    the dogs’ wonderful nose can smell:

    • a man’s body from 1km
    • a female dog in her period from 10km
    • 1g of salt in 10 000l of water
    • the emotional change of the man’s mood on the basis of his sweats’ smell.

    We also introduce the puppies to the sound stimuli, switching on the CD with the prenatal lullabies, the birds’ singing, sound of the sea etc. It all happens very slowly and peacefully, not to scare the puppy and to make the dogs associate these activities with something nice and safe.

    All the visits to the vet has already been established (the next dewormings, vaccinations, chipping, passports etc). The puppies ale all doing well and we cannot wait their ‚socialization’ when they will have an opportunity to explore the world!

    All our actions are based on carefully established plans of socialization, prepared by the behaviorist and the animals’ psychologist, Edyta Gajewska, and we are very thankful for her help.

    To be continued…